The Jim Tiedje Award

The “Jim Tiedje Award” is presented by ISME to an exalted microbial ecologist who is recognized for their Outstanding Lifetime contribution to the field of microbial ecology. Past winners of this award include Farooq Azam (2004), Gijs Kuenen (2006), Norman Pace (2008), Bo Barker Jørgensen (2010), and Stephen Giovannoni (2012). Prof. Nancy Moran has received the award at ISME15 and an expert panel comprising individuals selected by the ISME Executive will judge this biennial award, to determine who will be awarded the award at ISME16. 

The ISME Young Investigators Award

The “ISME Young Investigator Award” recognizes early career microbial ecologists who have made significant contributions to this field. An expert panel comprising individuals selected by the ISME Executive are the judges of this biennial award. Past winners of this award include Ian Head (2004), Phil Hugenholtz (2006), Forest Rohwer (2008), Marc Strous (2010), Victoria Orphan (2012) and most recently, Ruth Ley (2014). 

The ISME Student Poster Award

The “ISME Student Poster Award” is reserved for students or postdocs who are the first and presenting author on a submitted poster presentation (proof of (postgraduate) studentship will be required). During ISME16, three outstanding posters will be chosen each day (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday). Awardees will receive free membership of ISME for 2017. Winning posters will be displayed in a prominent location on Friday 26 August 2016. Awards will be presented at the closing ceremony of ISME16.

The David C. White Award

David C. White’s vision was to honor and respect the power of quantitative analytical chemistry to microbial ecology. Thus, the “D.C. White Award” will be presented to the most innovative poster at the ISME16 conference. The announcement of the “D.C. White award” will be made at the closing ceremony of the ISME16 symposium.

The Bill Costerton Young Scientist Prize

The Bill Costerton Young Scientist Prize will recognize early career scientists who demonstrate the most promising research involving new theories in microbial ecology that have wider inter-disciplinary significance. The recipient of the award will be selected from the 9 poster winners and awarded the prize during the closing ceremony of the symposium. 

The Tom Brock Awards

The Tom Brock Awards acknowledge the accomplishments and promise of outstanding postdoctoral research associates on the basis of the presentations that they make at the ISME Symposium.  The criteria will include scientific accomplishments and innovation as well as clarity of presentation at ISME16.  Initial selection criteria will be on the basis of submitted abstracts that will be chosen for oral presentations by the organizers.  Final evaluation will be made at the meeting, by evaluating the oral presentations of the candidates.

The ISME/IWA Bio Cluster Award

In order to recognize the importance of interdisciplinary research at the interface of microbial ecology and water/wastewater treatment, the ISME/IWA Bio Cluster Award was created. This prestigious prize rewards interdisciplinary research of unusual merit in this field.

The call for nominations for 2016 is now open.

All IWA or ISME members are entitled to nominate candidates. Candidates can be senior leaders in the field but can also be young rising stars.  Nominated candidates must be members of either IWA or ISME (or both). For nomination please fill out the nomination form and provide two support letters by scientists affiliated neither with your institution nor with the institution of the nominated candidate. In addition an extended CV of the candidate together with a complete publication list must be submitted. Please be aware that no self-nomination is possible.
Deadline for submission of nomination materials: 1 March 2016 15 March 2016
Please download the nomination form at the IWA website under Bio Cluster page

ISME Travel Awards

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