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     Our Gold Sponsors
         MO BIO offers a complete line of nucleic acid purification kits 
         optimized for a variety of environmental sample types including
         biofilm, soil, water, bacteria, and plants, utilizing a patent-
         pending enzyme inhibitor removal technology. We also offer the
         widest selection of bead homogenization options for lysis of any

       The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), located in southeastern 
       Washington State, is a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science 
       laboratory that solves complex problems in energy, national security and the 
       environment, and advances scientific frontiers in the chemical, biological,
       materials, environmental, and computational sciences.
       The Laboratory employs 4,000 staff members, has a $760 million annual  

       budget, and has been managed by Ohio-based Battelle since 1965. 

       EMSL - the Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory located at PNNL-
       is a national scientific user facility sponsored by DOE’s Office of Science,
       Biological and Environmental Research program.
       EMSL offers an open, collaborative environment for scientific discovery to

       researchers around the world. EMSL's technical experts and suite of custom 
       and advanced instruments are unmatched. Its integrated computational and  

       experimental capabilities enable researchers to realize fundamental scientific
       insights and create new technologies. As a user facility, its capabilities are
       available to the global scientific community through a competitive proposal
       process at no cost for published research.


     Our Bronze Sponsor

     PhyloTech’s mission is to advance human and environmental
     health by creating knowledge of microbial communities. The
     company envisions that understanding the microbial world will
     improve the health of people and the planet by informing
     choices related to human conditions, water, food, and
     ecosystem sustainability. The Company’s proprietary PhyloChip 
     technology enables comprehensive, sensitive, and quantitative
     analysis of microbial communities using DNA from any sample
     type. PhyloTech offers complete services including DNA
     amplification, labeling, fragmentation, hybridization, scanning,
     analysis, and the generation of secure, web-accessible,
     solutionoriented data report.

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