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Session topics at ISME14 are:

  • Microbial origin and evolution
  • Microbial community diversity: 16S and beyond
  • Archaea: important players in diverse microbial ecosystems
  • The unknowns: rare ones and unculturables
  • Light and microbial life
  • Microbial interactions and behavior
  • Microbial life in extreme environments
  • Bioinformatics in microbial ecology
  • Genetic potential and expression: key functions in microbial communities
  • Mobility of genes and the species concept
  • Syntrophy and electron flow in microbial communities
  • Microbial element cycling: from genes to turnover 
  • Pathways and physiology
  • Microbial dispersion and biogeography  - is everything everywhere?
  • Single cell microbiology
  • Novel high-resolution technologies 
  • Protistan ecology: beyond diversity 
  • Microbial symbioses
  • Virus-bacteria interactions
  • Microbial gradient communities
  • Microbes in a changing ocean
  • Soil microbiology and heterogeneity
  • Plant-microbe interactions
  • Microbial disease ecology
  • Empowered by microbes
  • Managing microbial communities
  • Predictive models of microbial communities 
  • The starving majority: life at low energy flux

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