Roundtable Submission


Roundtables provide a flexible meeting option and should be very different in topic and organization to the invited or contributed sessions. The format provides an excellent opportunity for active, in-depth discussion and interaction. The focus of the roundtable can either be on a subject area within the field or a methods- or analysis based session run in a tutorial format.

The Roundtables will take place on Monday evening, 20 August 2012.


Guidelines for Roundtables

Roundtables should be no longer than 90 minutes in length with no less than 30 minutes dedicated to discussion or in the case of method sessions for questions or interactions with the participants. The topic should be of interest to many conference participants and should pose a number of questions or theories. Proposers of the roundtables should organise presenters and be prepared to lead the discussion session.  There should be minimal overlap with other scheduled components of the meeting.



•        Title: Provide the title of your roundtable as it would appear in the program

•        Proposer(s): Provide the name(s) and full contact details (full mailing address, office hours phone number, email address and fax number) of the Proposer(s)

•         Description: Supply a brief description of the session (max 250 words).  This will be used for evaluation only and will not be considered the abstract for the session. Please also indicate if this is to be a method-based tutorial or subject discussion.

•        Relevance: Give a statement of the relevance and complimentarity of the session to the ISME14 scientific program. To avoid any overlap, please review the current program.

•        The Roundtable: List the suggested speakers, presentation titles, timeline for the Roundtable, and suggested discussion points.



1.     The ISME14 Symposium has no funds to sponsor Roundtables; they must be self-financed.

2.     The Proposer(s) must provide evidence that all of the suggested speakers are willing to participate in the session.

3.     Space in the program for Roundtables is limited so not all Proposals will be successful.


Submissions are now closed. 

Proposals will be assessed by the ISME14 Local Organizing Committee on the basis of relevance and innovation to ISME, interest to ISME members and appropriateness of the   program/presenters.

ISME14 roundtable proposers will be notified of the outcome  in the week beginning 14 May.