Travel Awards

The ISME Travel Awards for Young Scientists
ISME will make funds available for young scientists to assist in covering their travel expenses to attend ISME14. The maximum grant will be:

                •  Europe € 200
                •  Rest of the World € 750

the ISME travel awards are open to:

*  all ISME members who are students and currently engaged in research toward a higher degree or to: 
*  ISME members who are, at the time of the application deadline, no more than 2 years past the completion of their PhD. 

The applicant must also be the first and presenting author of an abstract submitted to the symposium.

Applications for “The ISME Travel Awards” should include:

         •  Applicants name and full contact details, full mailing
            address, office hours, phone number, email address and
            fax number
         •  Copy of submitted abstract
         •  Proof of student status or graduation date (copy of  
            student identification card or certification of graduation). 
            Not required for student members of the society.
         •  Supportive statement from current supervisor. 
         •  Personal statement on why you believe the Committee
            should select you for an award.

All applications should be in a .pdf file format with the filename of “ApplicantSurname_TravelApp.pdf” and emailed to

Submissions are now closed. Outcomes of the travel grant competition will be announced as soon as possible. The travel grants will be distributed during the Symposium in Copenhagen.

FEMS Travel Awards for Young Scientists
If you want to see whether you are eligible to apply to a FEMS Young Scientist Meeting Grant click the link below!

Applying to the FEMS Young Scientist Meeting Grant is no longer possible. S
ubmissions are now closed.  

Please note that if  you wish to apply for an ISME Travel Award or the FEMS Young Scientist Meeting Grant  that you have to have an abstract submitted, even if you only want a poster presentation. Applicants of such an award should have therefore submitted their abstract by 30 March 2012!!