Terms and Conditions

* When you register for ISME16 you acknowledge that the information you provided for this registration will be processed by the International Society for Microbial Ecology and will be used for:

  • Processing my booking of registration
  • Providing me with ISME Society and Events Newsletters

Additional Notes

You will receive a registration confirmation via e-mail after your registration is complete. Further more, once registration is completed, a link to your invoice will appear on the online registration page. When clicked, you will have the option to print the invoice or to have the invoice e-mail to you.  

All prices are in Canadian Dollars ($).
The registration fee is exempt from Canadian VAT laws. 

Registration system
The registration system is Etouches, which is operated by JpdL, on behalf of ISME. This is a different system than the abstract submission system, so you need to create a new account to register. 

JpdL vouches for the safety of your personal data (verified secured website). Please note that when you opt to pay by creditcard, your card will be debited within 24 hours.

Delegates are advised to arrange their own visa to attend the meeting. ISME will aid you with the application procedure by providing you with invitation letters, to be found on our website, but ISME will not mediate with embassies. 

Liability and insurance
ISME is not responsible for damage or injury to persons or property during this event. Participants indemnify the ISME Society for any claims whatsoever for any damages incurred by the participants in relation to or arising from the event, except if this damage is caused by a wilful act or gross negligence by ISME Staff or Board. Participants are advised to arrange their own personal travel and health insurance.
Force majeure: ISME is not liable if it fails to comply with the delegate's obligations and expectations in case such failure is a result of either natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, fire etc. for which no one can be held responsible, acts of violences (wars, riots, terrorism) or performance failures of parties outside the control of ISME (subcontractors, transport problems, etc.).
Participants accompanied by minors (under 16) are fully liable for their guests. ISME does not claim any responsibility whatsoever concerning underage visitors.  

You can cancel your registration at any time on the condition that the cancellation is notified in writing. When you cancel your registration before 12 June 2016 you will receive a full refund less CAD $ 50 bank / administration charges. Cancellations received between 13 June 2016  and 31 July 2016 will receive a 50% refund. After 31 July, it is not possible to cancel your registration (i.e. no refund is given).

Please note that ISME uses Eastern Standard Time (GMT -05.00) as the registration's timezone, as the system operators are located in Montreal. This implies that all deadlines will pass at midnight EST on the date mentioned.