*Please check the Low Income Country List at Hinari to see eligibility. Group A & B both count as LIC.

IMPORTANT: ISME works with calendar year memberships
If you purchased a membership that includes the printed copy of the journal, and you purchased it later than January, you will receive all the missing back issues of The ISME Journal from that calendar year. For example, if you joined us in May, you will receive all future hardcopy journals until December 31 but also from January to May as well. That way you will have a complete volume.

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Accepted Payments
Visa, MasterCard, PayPal or bank transfer.

Due to the large amount of international payments, we cannot automatically renew your membership and charge your credit card or bank account. Members that purchased a 2-year membership a the even number of years are automatically set as members the following year.

ISME can cancel memberships during the year but we cannot (partially) refund the fees.