During the pandemic, our lives have shifted more and more to a virtual way of working and socializing. Like others, ISME is exploring ways to enable and support communication and activities among fellow microbial ecologists.

ISME is a non-profit association in the field of Microbial Ecology. We connect, sponsor, provide platforms & information, organize events and are the proud owners of the ISME Journal and ISME Communications - our scientific publications.

To emphasize our goal to connect and to help, we will test a new mode for assisting with and facilitating virtual meetings this year. 

If you are considering hosting a meeting, or if you seek help with the logistics of your virtual meeting, ISME would like to offer help.
This may vary to just having an idea or theme for a meeting and would like us to set it up, if you require financial assistance, or even to specific requests, such as access to a meeting platform.

If you believe we can be of assistance to you, please provide us with a short description of your event or idea and contact us via events@isme-microbes.org.
If we require more information, you will be asked to fill out a form of questions. A reviewing committee will evaluate all requests.