Call for new members for the ISME Early Career Scientist Committee

The ISME Early Career Scientist Committee is recruiting 6 new members! Join us to support early career microbial ecologists globally, facilitating networking, education, training, research, and career development. Please apply by 28 July 2024.

We are delighted to invite applications to join the Early Career Scientist Committee (ECSC), which is responsible for the engagement of early career researchers with the various activities of ISME and the representation of early career scientist interests during the biannual ISME conference. The ISME ECSC consists of 8-10 members with representatives from all continents. Members serve for 2-6 years, with a ~50% rotation biennially for continuous knowledge transfer. Chair and deputy-chair positions are rotated every 2 years with new member elections.

Key responsibilities of ISME ECSC members:

  • Liaising with organizers to help make the bi-annual ISME conference early career friendly,
  • Organizing in-person social events for ECSs during ISME conferences,
  • Contributing to social media engagement by suggesting content for different platforms,
  • Notifying early career peers in their countries/networks of ISME activities and important deadlines
  • Detailed responsibilities are provided below.

Eligibility criteria for new ISME ECSC members:

  1. Current ISME member
  2. PhD conferred within 10 years (excluding any leave; including pre-tenure faculty)
  3. Commitment to attend monthly committee meetings online
  4. Submission of one personal statement (300 words max) - brief research background, how much time you have to allocate for the committee, what is your history with representing people, and why this committee is important to you. If you are applying for the deputy chair or media manager role, please address why you are interested in that position and any experience you might have to support your nomination. Please include your CV (max 3 A4 pages).
  5. All applications and supporting documents should be sent to ISME ECSC Chair Ashley Dungan (

Application deadline: 28 July 2024
We look forward to receiving your applications!
Detailed ECSC member responsibilities by position
Chair responsibilities include:

  • Attending all ISME executive meetings.
  • Attending all conference planning meetings.
  • Liaising with ISME office staff.
  • Chairing committee meetings.
  • Working with the deputy-chair to build the agenda.
  • Making sure all ECSC activities are progressing.

Deputy-chair responsibilities include:

  • Chairing committee meeting in the absence of the chair.
  • Attending conference planning meetings in the absence of the chair.
  • Secretarial roles such as preparing an agenda, determining meeting times, sending out calendar invites, taking minutes, noting action items, and following up with members regarding those action items.

Media manager responsibilities include:

  • Posting relevant material on Twitter/X/LinkedIn.
  • Communicating this content with ISME office staff
  • Exploring new avenues to promote ECSs such as blog posts, opinion pieces, radio interviews, etc.
  • Keeping the ISME ECSC website up to date

General member responsibilities include:

  • Providing content for the media manager (all)
  • Moderating the discord channel (1 member)
  • Managing the ECS reviewer pool (1 member)
  • Timely completion of action items based on current ISME ECSC activities or as directed by the Chair/Deputy Chair.