The International Society for Microbial Ecology (ISME) was officially designated as a charity in 2018. ISME aims to serve the public good and its members and is committed to supporting and promoting the growth and success of the field of Microbial Ecology. As part of this mission, ISME provides grants and sponsorship opportunities to members and organizations whose objectives are in line with the values and objectives of ISME. 

To qualify for ISME support, the applicant must be a member of the Society. In addition, the applicant must demonstrate how the proposed activities align with the core mission and values of the Society. In case of organizations requesting sponsorship, the applicant must clearly demonstrate how the planned activities will benefit the broader ISME community and alignment to the goals and objectives of ISME. Recipients of ISME funding are required to acknowledge the Society in presentations, meeting websites, printed materials and publications. For recipients of the ISME Scholar funding, we strongly encourage publication in one of the ISME journals. Recipients of funding are required to provide visibility via social media, websites or any other media used to promote the supported activity. 

ISME Community Sponsorship programs

General Sponsorship Fund
ISME reserves 30.000 EURO annually to sponsor events and/or educational efforts dedicated to the field of Microbial Ecology. Additional information, such as an event proposal/outreach activities and budget, will strengthen the application. More information can be found at the General Fund page. 

Ambassadors Funding
The ISME Ambassadors Program offers sponsorship up to 1.000 EURO. These funds are available to individual ISME Ambassadors on an annual basis. Ambassadors may request funds for promotional material and to set up websites describing their research and mentions their ISME Ambassadors position. In addition, Ambassadors may use their allocation to support events on Microbial Ecology in their regions. Please contact your local/regional ambassador to discuss the possibilities. ISME handles these yearly and the whole year around. More info can be found at our Ambassadors page

Regional Meetings Fund
Funds are available to support regional events dedicated to Microbial Ecology. The events must be organized by ISME Ambassadors in the region and held in the year when there is no ISME Symposium. These funds are only available for events organized in regions outside the USA, Canada, and Western Europe. The Board will allocate funding to each region for ISME branded events (i.e., ISME-Latin America, ISME-Africa, ISME-Southeast Asia, ISME-Eastern Europe, and ISME-Middle East). More info at Regional Meetings Fund.

Open-Access Waiver Fund
ISME members can apply for grants and full waivers or discounts of article processing charges (APCs) in cases of need. This fund is available for members not covered under Open Access agreements. The applicants will be considered by the Editors-in-Chief of the ISME journals on a case-by-case basis. Info can be found at Open Access Waiver.  

Scholar Program
This fund is dedicated to supporting Early Career Scientist visiting laboratories in other countries. The fund will support travel costs (economy class flights/train tickets) and a contribution towards accommodation and subsistence for up to one month. All ISME members are eligible, but applicants from regions outside North America or Europa are especially encouraged to apply. The fund will support travel for MSc/PhD students and Postdoctoral fellows. Information can be found at Scholar Program. 

Travel Fund
The Travel Grant Fund is available to support participation at the biennial ISME Symposium. The fund will support travel for MSc/PhD students and postdocs up to a maximum of 800 EUROS. Information at Travel Grants.

Travel Grants for Primary Care givers
This fund is dedicated to supporting ISME members with primary care giving responsibilities who wish to attend and present at ISME Symposia. The fund will provide full or partial support for domestic and international travel accommodation. Each award will be up to a maximum of 500 EURO for domestic travel and 1.000 EURO for foreign travel. More info at Travel Grants for Primary Care givers.

Need to use our logo for your ISME sponsored event? Please download the logo below. 

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