The Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics (BFE), UiT - The Arctic University of Norway has a vacant position as Associate professor or Professor in Microalgae and/or Marine Microbiomes. This is a tenured, open rank position yet we encourage promising early career applicants currently at or between the postdoc and assistant professor level. The position is attached to the Norwegian College of Fishery Science (NCFS, which places emphasis on three concurrent research/educational themes: algal biotechnology, molecular microbial ecology and microbial synthetic biology. The successful candidate will have a unique opportunity to help develop and lead a research and educational program in one (or all) of these focus areas or in a related discipline.

The current research environment in microalgae and marine microbiomes at NCFS builds multi-disciplinary projects around the idea that Arctic microorganisms underpin large-scale ecosystem functions and biogeochemical cycles and that genome encoded functions – once mechanistically understood – can be exploited to develop new technologies. Current emphasis at UiT and the broader Arctic regions are on integrated microbial ecology and biotechnology for carbon capture and utilization as well as marine bioproduct synthesis.

The successful candidate will meet the qualification and submission requirements detailed on the official announcement

In addition to the requirements, we encourage applicants with expertise or interest in bioinformatics, molecular microbial biology, algae biotechnology, multi-omics and/or marine microbiomes. Candidates with other complimentary areas of expertise are also encouraged to apply. The successful candidate will have an opportunity to help lead a research group composed of multiple principle investigators and permanent lab managers in addition to students and postdocs. The successful candidate will be able to negotiate their start-up funding that will include 1 PhD student.

Unique opportunities at UiT – The Arctic University of Norway. The Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø (UiT) is located in coastal northern Norway, 350 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle yet the climate is warmer than most might expect due to the Gulf Stream. It is one of Norway’s major universities and home to many advanced capabilities that strategically promote integration between Arctic marine ecology and biotechnological innovation. The successful candidate shall have access to advanced laboratory and field expedition capabilities including state-of-the-art bioimaging, next generation sequencing and world class research vessels. This project will be an integrated part of the Faculty for Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics and have the option to collaborate within The Arctic Centre for Sustainable Energy (ARC - Tromsø is a modern, medium size Scandinavian city that offers exceptional work-life balance, safe/healthy family atmospheres, outdoor sports, a thriving night life and unparalleled natural beauty.

Gender balance. UiT The Arctic University of Norway wishes to increase the proportion of females in senior research positions. In the event that two or more applicants are found to be approximately equally qualified, female applicants will be given priority.

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The due date will be extended through January or February 2020 depending on the applicant pool size.

For further information, please contact:

Associate Professor Hans Christopher Bernstein email  or Head of Department Terje E. Martinussen,

Application deadline: TBD
Start date: TBD
Location: Tromsø, Norway