We are seeking a student to lead a project investigating microbial dispersal and community assembly using a combination of ecological theory and molecular data.

Some potential topics to develop are:

  • Large-scale dispersal and dust-associated microorganisms
  • Exploring the influence of species pools, history and dispersal in microbial community assembly
  • Modeling of microbial dispersal as a function of phenotypic and genomic traits
  • Microbial trait adaptations to new habitat colonization
  • Influence of monsoon season on arid soil microbial communities
  • Invasive plants and soil microbial feedbacks

To apply, please send an email (subject: Graduate Student Microbial Macroecology) to Albert Barberán (barberan@email.arizona.edu) with a cover letter describing previous research experience and interests (scientific and non-science related), a CV, and (if possible) contact information for two references.

More information: https://barberanalbert.wixsite.com/labpage

Application deadline: Open until filled
Start date: ASAP
Location: University of Arizona, Tucson, USA