The Microalgae & Microbiomes Research Group (M2RG) at UiT- The Arctic University of Norway is searching for a PhD student to study and engineer marine microbial communities for enhanced greenhouse gas mitigation. The position is funded by UiT’s strategic project ABSORB – Arctic Carbon Storage from Biomes. This is a full-time appointment for a period of four years.

The PhD student will work within the design-build-test cycle of engineered microbial consortia derived from marine algae and bacteria. The project will be integrated into a multi-disciplinary effort under ABSORB, which aims to leverage Arctic marine and terrestrial ecological properties for developing carbon capture, sequestration and utilization biotechnologies. The overarching goal this PhD project will be to engineer marine microbial communities for the uptake and utilization of carbon dioxide and/or other single carbon substrates (i.e., methane and methanol). Tasks will include identifying cold-adapted marine algae and bacterial strains (including methane oxidizers, methylotrophs & heterotrophs) that can be assembled into cultivable microbial communities. The project will develop and utilize tools in molecular biology, bioreactors and engineering of bacterial strains with modern synthetic biology methods to harness beneficial interspecies interactions. This project will uncover fundamental scientific knowledge that leads to innovation of marine microbial biotechnologies. The exact emphasis of the project will in part be tailored to the strengths and ambitions of the successful candidate.

The successful candidate will become a part of the Microalgae & Microbiomes Research Group, which builds multi-disciplinary projects around the idea that microorganisms underpin large-scale ecosystem functions and biogeochemical cycles and that genome encoded functions – once mechanistically understood – can be exploited to develop new technologies.

The specific requirements and application portal can be found at

Unique opportunities at UiT – The Arctic University of Norway. The Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø (UiT) is located in coastal northern Norway, 350 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle yet the climate is warmer than most might expect due to the Gulf Stream. It is one of Norway’s major universities and home to many advanced capabilities that strategically promote integration between Arctic marine ecology and biotechnological innovation. The research group has access to advanced laboratory and field expedition capabilities including state-of-the-art bioimaging, next generation sequencing and world class research vessels. This project will be an integrated part of the Faculty for Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics and have the option to collaborate within The Arctic Centre for Sustainable Energy (ARC - Tromsø is a modern, medium size Scandinavian city that offers exceptional work-life balance, safe/healthy family atmospheres, outdoor sports, a thriving night life and unparalleled natural beauty.

Application deadline: Open until filled
Start date: Flexible
Location: Tromsø, Norway