A more complete understanding of microbial processes and patterns is essential to understand the relationships among ecosystem functions, global change, and management of natural and working landscapes. The research in our lab focuses on bridging the gap between the disciplines of macroecology and microbial ecology by analyzing large and complex molecular datasets.

Some potential topics to develop during appointment are:

  • Adapting macroecological theory to microbial communities
  • Analytical tool development for microbiome data
  • Large-scale dispersal and dust-associated microorganisms
  • Exploring the influence of species pools and history in microbial community assembly
  • Modeling of microbial dispersal as a function of phenotypic and genomic traits
  • Microbial trait adaptations to new habitat colonization
  • Influence of monsoon season on arid soil microbial communities
  • Invasive plants and soil microbial feedbacks

Conditions of appointment: 2 years of appointment as a postdoctoral researcher according to the salary scheme of the University of Arizona.

To apply, please send an email (subject: Postdoc Microbial Macroecology) to Albert Barberán (barberan@email.arizona.edu) with a cover letter describing research experience and interests, a CV including education and publication list, and contact information for two references.

More information: https://barberanalbert.wixsite.com/labpage

Application deadline: Open until filled
Start date: ASAP
Location: University of Arizona, Tucson, USA