Let's go viral!

The ISME Early Career Scientist Committee (ECSC) has teamed up with the MicroSeminar, hosted by Cameron Thrash, Dave Baltrus, and Lizzy Wilbanks, to provide a platform for open, publicly available talks during this virus lockdown. We are inviting presenters to submit their talks immediately and we will prioritize early-career microbiologists!

#MicroSeminar @MicroSeminar 

Schedule can be found via Twitter and are broadcasted through YouTube
#MicroSeminar @MicroSeminar

With all the current cancellations of in person conferences, workshops, job interviews, and support groups, many people missed out on opportunities to give talks. This might particularly be the case for early career microbiologists who have missed the opportunity to give invited presentations over the coming months. If this has happened to you, we can give you a platform to present your awesome work anyway. By the way, not only the presenters are missing out. Most of us don't have a seminar series to go to for the next little while!

MicroSeminars are a free, web-based microbiology seminar series. We are endeavoring to bring microbiologists together, from all over the world, to share their research and ideas in an open format that is accessible to all and openly available via Zoom and archived YouTube recordings of your live talk. We communicate on Twitter through @MicroSeminar and the hashtag #uSeminar.

If you are interested in using our platform, please just fill out this Google form: https://forms.gle/rJFoMeRwWEaXD3Zv8 ! You can also directly get in contact with us via email: isme.ecsc@gmail.com. Cameron Thrash, Dave Baltrus, and Lizzy Wilbanks from MicroSeminar; and Jillian Petersen, Sarah Preheim, and Laetitia Wilkins from ISME ECSC have access to this address and will get back to you. We will work with you to schedule a talk at a time convenient for you and look to maximize the number of time zones that can access it live during normal business hours. If we can't figure out a time for a live talk, you can record your talk conveniently at home and send us the files. We will then upload it to the MicroSeminar YouTube channel and advertise it on Twitter and the official ISME website. However, our preference is live talks where the audience can interact with you. Previous MicroSeminars can be found here!

We hope this will give the community a bit of comfort and a feeling of belonging during this pandemic. All of us are affected now.

Stay at home and get tuned for some MicroSeminar binge watching!!!
Announcements will follow via social media @MicroSeminar