The Laboratory of Food Systems Biotechnology (FSB) at ETH Zurich, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, develops computational methods and utilizes "omics" technologies to study microbial ecosystems in food production and human health, with the ultimate goal of creating microbial communities and products that optimize food quality, safety, and human health.

We are seeking a postdoctoral researcher with expertise in shotgun metagenomics, microbial bioinformatics, or microbial biotechnology to join our team.

You will join a collaborative team of scientists who develop and use molecular, deep sequencing, and bioinformatics methods to study microbiomes at the interface between foods and human health. Fermented foods and beverages are a nutritionally and culturally significant component of human diets globally, as well as a primary source of microorganisms and microbial metabolites that shape both food quality and human health. They also serve as an experimentally tractable model for testing microbial ecology and evolution hypotheses. You will develop and utilize multi-omics approaches to study microbiome functional interactions in fermented foods, food systems, and the human diet.

For more details, and to apply, please see:

Application deadline: Open until filled
Start date: Flexible
Location: ETH Zurich, Switzerland