The ISME Winogradsky Award for Mid-Career Scientists
ISME has a new award that acknowledges the achievements of Mid-career microbial ecologists, which is named after Sergei Winogradsky to honour his importance to our field. Read more 

ISME award renamed to honor Alma Dal Co
ISME and the Alma Dal Co Foundation are delighted to announce the renaming of the ISME Early Career Award to the ISME Alma Dal Co Award to commemorate the life and work of Alma Dal Co (1989 - 2022). Read more 

ISME is transitioning to a new publisher!
The ISME Journal and ISME Communications are transitioning to our new published, Oxford University Press. As of 1 September 2023, all manuscripts submitted to our society journals will use the OUP submission systems. Read more

New benefits for ISME members
ISME aims to serve the public good and its members and is committed to supporting and promoting the growth and success of the field of Microbial Ecology. As part of this mission, ISME provides grants and sponsorship opportunities to members and organizations whose objectives are in line with the values and objectives of ISME. Read more

ISME Journals

The ISME Journal 
The ISME Journal is our flagship publication, covering the diverse and integrated areas of microbial ecology. Articles in The ISME Journal describe pioneering discoveries of wide appeal that enhance our understanding of functional and mechanistic relationships among microorganisms, their communities, and their habitats.

ISME Communications
ISME Communications is fully open access and will emphasize research quality and diversity, encouraging both discovery-based and method-oriented publications. The broad scope of ISME Communications will help encompass the full breadth of microbial ecology research

The ISME Journal and ISME Communications are a cooperative effort between owner ISME and publisher Oxford University Press.

Become an ISME Member!

When you join the ISME Community you can connect with micorbial ecologists from around the world. ISME members receive e.g. a discount on the ISME symposium registration, the opportunity to apply for grants and funding, and a APC discount when publishing in the ISME Journals.

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