The ISME Winogradsky Award for Mid-career scientists

ISME honours Sergei Winogradsky's importance to the field of microbial ecology by naming the new Mid-career Scientist Award after him.

Sergei Winogradsky’s legacy as a visionary scientist, whose contributions continue to shape our understanding of the natural world, is an inspiration to all microbial ecologists. Therefore, the ISME Board honours his importance to our field by naming a new ISME award dedicated to Mid-career scientists: the Winogradsky Award.

Sergei Winogradsky was a pioneering figure in microbiology, who revolutionized our understanding of microbial ecology through his ground-breaking work on microbial metabolism and the discovery of chemosynthesis. Born in Ukraine in 1856, Winogradsky's investigations into the microbial world laid the foundation for key concepts in soil science, biogeochemistry, and environmental microbiology. The Winogradsky column known to all microbial ecologists remains widely used in microbiology laboratories today graphically displaying chemoautotrophy and microbial ecosystem function and organization.

The Winogradsky Award recognises mid-career scientists who have substantially advanced the field of microbial ecology. The award recognises outstanding contributions to microbial ecology including the development of novel techniques, proposing and advancing ecology theories and establishing new disciplines within the field. Nominees are suggested by the membership and must be active researchers 10-25 years post-PhD. A panel of experts and the ISME Executive Board will make the final selection of the awardee.

We look forward to announcing the 2024 Winner of the Winogradsky Award soon.