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ISME/IWA Biocluster Award

The ISME-IWA recognizes the importance of interdisciplinary research at the interface of microbial ecology and water/wastewater treatment. The Grand Prize will be awarded to both Holger Daims, University of Vienna, Austria, and to Lutgarde Raskin, University of Michigan, USA. 


They will both act as convenors in the ISME16 program and will give a presentation in their respective sessions, Dissimilation of nitrogen compounds, and Microbial ecology meets environmental biotechnology. 

Mads Albertsen, Aalborg University, Denmark, will receive the The Rising Star Prize, and has been awarded with an oral presentation in the session Microbial ecology meets environmental biotechnology. All three prize winners will receive their awards during the opening ceremony of ISME16 on Sunday 21 August. 



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ISME16 - (open)

We hope to see everyone again in Montreal at ISME16 this August!

Want to know what you can expect? ​A full report on ISME15 can be found here and please also enjoy a selection of  ISME15 photos. The ISME symposia, organized every two years, are the largest international meetings addressing the wide range of topics in Microbial Ecology.






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Evolutionary genetics
Microbial engineering
Microbial population & community ecology
Microbe-microbe & microbe-host interactions
Integrated genomics & post-genomics approaches
Microbial ecology & functional diversity of natural habitats
Geomicrobiology & microbial contributions to geochemical cycles



Impact Factor: 9.3, ranked number 4 in Ecology and number 8 in Microbiology.



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